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the teenage psyche has memories to never be forgotten, lessons to be learned, and new goals to accomplish. Everlasting friendships fits into their somewhere. I still have yet to have someone to become close with. Everyone has their someone.
+ Tiarra has Laura.
+ Amber has Mackenzie.
+ Elina has Rachel (or Nicole Im not sure)
+ Kathryn has Ashley.
+ Elise has Erin.
+ Alissa has Lilian.
+ Maria has Leigh.

Where does this leave me? I dont want any negetive feedback, which Im sure to recieve. but come on you guys. You know I'm not a best friend to any of you. Maybe I'm just trying to hard. I think I'm going to stop &&just be on my own. Be my own best friend. I'm just going to be another face in the crowd &¬ try anymore.

Don't bother leaving comments if all you're going to do is rant at me. Last thing I need.
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