"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said (darkest_romance) wrote,
"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said

I was afraid to be alone,
but now I'm scared that's how I like to be;
All these faces none the same,
how can there be so many personalities.

So many lifeless, empty hands,
so many hearts in great demand;
and now my sorrow seems so far away,
until I'm taken by these bolts of pain;

But I turn them off, and tuck them away,
until those rainy days that make them stay;
And then I'll cry so hard to these sad songs,
and the words still ring, once here, now gone;

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Awww my lovely Kirstie, i miss you soo much, you have no idea. We gotta hang out and have a girl night!! Call me!! I LOVE YOU!!!
thats a very good poem. omg dont feel upset ur beautiful and your an awesome person! talk to me about your promblems, if u need support i'll be there for u cuz u have been there for me many times!
Aww what a nice poem, I like it. I hope you feel better soon (: