"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said (darkest_romance) wrote,
"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said

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Don't ever put yourself out there. Or you're going to be setting yourself up for the biggest mistake of your poor, pathetic life. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't even wear it inside the confines of your shirt. You never know what kind of thieves are running about.

Shame on me. I fall for those tricks every time. (It's been almost two years and I'm still bitter about it). I need to grow up. Lord, save me from myself. Make me stop.

(Can you believe her? She writes that I betrayed her. And how exactly did I do that? I just want to put a gun in between everyone's eyes. I fucking hate the whole universe. I hate the sky. I hate the trees. I hate the stars. I hate the people. I'm going to build a coffin and lie in it until oxygen runs out).

Leave me alone. I want to suffer in my own self-induced tragedies and whatnot.
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