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put a smile on, everybody C'MON

UNHAPPiNESS iS A VERY STUPiD THiNG. && even though theres a few things i could complain about right now, ha. im not. cause one, im not worrying about it (&&you shouldnt be worrying about it either) && two ive decided no one should be unhappy. EVER. && screw the people that make you feel shitty, they're just either overly jealous && cant control it, OR they have issues.
i'd hafta say that some people...just have issues

How suiting for me is this?
oh and please fill this out it would let me know what yall think of me...just so i know who really hates me.

Kirstie is
Kirstie should learn
Kirstie could use
Without Kirstie, life would be
If I could tell Kirstie one thing, it would be
Kirstie has a tendency to
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