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I hate knowing that I was good enough to be on the Jackson squad. I hate knowing that I was better than some of the girls who did make it.

All this morning all I could do was cry. I couldn't really do anything else. I meen whats left y'know? This is my last year to ever be a high school cheerleader? and you know why I didnt make it? I asked the coach this morning and she said that i did great, I had tough competition (psh...) and that they could only afford for 12 girls, and I was the 13th. jeez could have made my year if they accepted me.

I dont know im just super bummed all around. its all really biased too. everyones sister or friend made it. Lizzie Gilmore, Jodies sister made it and shes not even all that great (not to me at least) and Emma made it (christine's sister)

its all stupid, and theres nothing I can do to change it.
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