"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said (darkest_romance) wrote,
"yours sorta a Butter Face" he said


not good. not good at all. i hate getting into the kind of mood that i've been in for the past few hours. the kind of mood that i've been getting from time to time for the past few months. the kind of mood that drives me to nearly...well...nevermind.

i know where a lot of it stems from. and it infuriates me to no end. it's my own fault. i should have known better. life lesson for everyone: don't trust anybody. don't believe anything anybody says. the only person you can trust is yourself. and sometimes that isn't even true.

i know i'm not any better. i've let plently of people down. i've been hypocritical my fair share of times. so i really don't have any room to complain. but what the hell, too late for that.

the best part of my day today was lying on the concrete, bleeding, half unconcious, with one shoe. because the only thing on my mind was wondering what the hell had just happened. it was much needed anyway. thank you for that.

i wish i never would have met you.

this post isn't all about one person. or one particular thing. it started out as a stream of consciousness...and ended up a little different that i had expected.
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